r e v i e w s / I n t e r v i e w s

An immensely brave and honest record.
     Laundry Day Records - October 2016

This is a spectacularly good debut album. In fact, it’s arguably better than some albums seasoned performers put out long after they’ve made their appearance on the scene. 
     Brett David Stewart, The Independent Spotlight - October 2016

A sense of melody that is both brilliant in its architecture and daring in the willingness to go places unexpected.
      Michael Wheeler, Current Music Thoughts - November 2016

This album will pull emotions out of you that you never knew you were capable of feeling...every note is played with an immense amount of conviction.
     Jamsphere review of Soft Ledges debut album - October 2016

...The album packs a far bigger punch, both musically and emotionally, than a lot of albums released this year from more established acts. It is a bold and confident record with a greater depth than you would generally expect from a duo.
     Belwood Music - November 2016

Truly passionate and boldly innovative...unyielding in their independence of expression and creativity.
     Beyond the Record - November 2016

Shelley hits the big note perfectly...a subtle lead up to a powerful climax. The rawness in her vocal tone reminded me of Patti Smith and Grace Slick
     April Reviews the Tunes - October 2016

The songs featured within the band’s debut makes me think of artists as diverse as Sonic Youth and Elliott Smith...
     The Bandcamp Diaries - review and interview w. Shelley Miller - October 2016

It's one of those albums where it's hard to predict what's to follow and I like that, especially if the quality is there.  In this case it's there in bucket loads.
     Beehive Candy - October 2016

...It’s dark on the surface but I get this sense, this twinge of redemption at the very end.
     earthings! - November 2016

"Highlight Reel"...shows the tension and the rough lines of the sound.
      Son of Marketing - October 2016

Think Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man" with more dissonance and less cryptic lyrics.
     Chicago Music Source - September 10, 2016 (live show review)


R A D I O / P O D C A S T S

Soft Ledges interview on WZRD 88.3 FM - September 2016

Shelley Miller interview with Chicago Singer Songwriter Podcast (spring 2016)  
     Features solo acoustic versions of La Niña, Deer Fly Blues and Don't Wait

Soft Ledges on The Jukebox Podcast - October 2016

Soft Ledges on The Eclectic Chair Podcast, Episode 96 - November 2016

Soft Ledges music has been played on:

WLUW 88.7 FM Chicago
WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago
WTYT 960
UIC Radio
Open the Door Radio
Strawberry Tongue Radio
Women of Substance Radio

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Photo by David Sameshima

Photo by David Sameshima